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Settle Mat (Home & Travel Mat)

Settle Mat (Home & Travel Mat)

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A settle mat provides your dog a designated settle spot just for them. 

These specially designed mats are more than just cozy spots for dogs to lie down and rest; they serve as training aids. Settle mat training teaches dogs the valuable skill of settling down and staying calm in various situations; whether at home, during travels or in public settings.

Settle training can be helpful for dogs prone to anxiety, restlessness or overexcitement, promoting a sense of comfort and security and letting them know that it is time to switch off. 

Good quality rest is a core component of calm behaviour. Teaching your dog to settle on their mat can promote calmness.

If you have a high energy dog, it can be even more crucial to ensure they get that time to rest to help prevent overstimulation and allow arousal levels to drop post-walk. 

  • Dogs who need help settling.
  • Padded settle area for hard floors.
  • Use in the home office, kitchen and when cleaning (when dogs are underfoot!).
  • Use in the car.
  • Staycations, days out, visiting family & friends and trips to pubs, cafes etc.

Settle Mat Tips

Settle mat training is not about enforcing your dog to stay on the mat. We are not teaching a "stay". Settle mat training simply rewards calm 'chilling out' behaviour. 

To use a settle mat effectively, start with short training sessions and gradually extend the duration. Positive reinforcement techniques help reinforce the desired behaviour.

Begin by placing the settle mat in a spot your dog likes to be, such as on the sofa or under your office desk. Place a treat on the mat and praise them calmly when they get onto the mat. You can work your way to them lying down, resting on the mat for longer durations and remaining rested when you get up and move around. 

Over time, your dog will learn to associate their settle mat with a sense of relaxation.
Whether at home, visiting friends or outings, a settle mat can be your dog's safe haven and go-to spot to unwind, making outings more enjoyable for everyone.

This Settle & Travel Mat is lightly quilted and is made of beautifully soft, peach skin fabric in a practical slate grey colour. Compact and foldable with a carry loop. Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Available in two sizes:
  • Small: 75x50cm
  • Large: 100x65cm


  • Machine washable at 30 degrees.
  • Line dry


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Customer Reviews

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Settle Mat - One Happy Whippet

Popped into the Horse and Farrier in Dacre, Cumbria, for a well earned pub lunch. Sadie our 4 year old Whippet has never been one for settling on hard floors (who can blame her) so we tried out her new settle mat (size large) for the first time which she absolutely loved. Took to it straight away and relaxed in front of the fire while we ate a delicious lunch. It folds easily and can be carried anywhere thanks to the handy carry loop and stores away nicely in the car boot until needed. Fantastic product, but most importantly, Sadie loved it!