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Here to help you promote calmness and contentment within your canine companions.

Join us in creating a world where every dog can experience the joy of a fulfilled and enriched life.

Helping you & your dog get on the same page.

Living with a dog essentially means sharing a home with someone who speaks a different language. This can be challenging for both. 

The good news? You can bridge that communication gap and improve your relationship by learning more about your dog.

We do this through play, enrichment, trust-building activities and positive reinforcement.

When you better understand each other, every aspect of your life together will improve.

Fulfilling your dog’s needs helps them feel calmer, confident and more content. 

This also means any necessary training has a solid foundation to build upon, which makes it easier and more effective to deliver.

For more complex training or behaviour issues, I'd always recommend working in conjunction with a qualified behaviourist or force-free trainer.

High-energy dog?

If you have a high-energy dog, such as a working breed, I understand the challenge! Calm Dog Games was inspired by my Springer Spaniel, Cam. 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “A tired dog is a happy dog.” 

However, tiredness and calmness are not truly the same.

Leash pulling, excessive barking, destructive behaviour, hyperactivity and anxiety can be a struggle for owners of high-energy dogs. Despite increasing your walks, you might find your dog's energy remains boundless. This is where Calm Dog Games comes in.

My mission is to help you address the missing piece of the puzzle – mental stimulation. We offer a range of brain games and enrichment activities designed to satisfy the needs of dogs with busy minds. Our products make it easy for you to fulfil your dog's enrichment needs without excessive time or complexity.

With Calm Dog Games, you can start immediately, confident that you're providing your dog with the mental exercise they need to thrive.

Join us in creating a calmer and more content life for your best friend.

Easy everyday enrichment

The ultimate bonding experience!

My Games and Enrichment Deck is designed to simplify the process of providing enrichment and mental stimulation.

It's become an everyday tool used by thousands of  owners as well as dog professionals and rescue organisations.

The different cards help to provide varied enrichment, fulfill our dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enjoy quality time together.

This includes…

  • Overall wellbeing and enrichment activities to give dogs plenty of opportunities to express natural behaviours.
  • Mental stimulation in the form of reward-based brain games and interactive puzzles. This can help to dogs to feel calmer by balancing out physical energy with cognitive work.
  • Bonding and having fun with their person through play.
  • Learning more about our dog as an individual.

Pick a card and start playing!


  • Mindful products designed to last.
  • Eco-conscious packaging.
  • Supporting other small businesses.
  • Small business care ~ every order is greatly appreciated.
  • Our ambassadors promote positive, reward-based training.


As well as the Calm Dog Games YouTube channel, I also have a channel for our hiking, camping and adventures! Both are aimed at bringing you a little calmness :)


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