• Who we work with

    • Trainers (+R)
    • Behaviourists
    • Rescue organisations
    • Vets & nurses
    • Groomers
    • Walkers
    • Boarding & daycare centres
  • How we can work together

    You can showcase our cards to run in-person game and enrichment classes, help your clients to fulfil the needs of their dog in between sessions and stand out with a fun, enrichment-focused approach.

    • Recommend the deck to help owners, staff and volunteers to deliver enrichment.
    • Use the deck for in-person classes.
    • Hand out specific cards for homework.
    • Show clients what activities you did with their dog during their stay (vets, groomers, daycare, walkers).
  • What you will receive

    You will choose a personalised code to share. Your clients will receive a discount for using your code and you will receive commission for the sale. It’s that simple!

    • 5% store discount for clients
    • 15% commission on the enrichment deck
    • 10% commission across the rest of the store.


    • Access to wholesale & 20% discount code for showcasing products.
    • Free business cards so you can easily share your code.
    • Access to a range of product photography to share on social media to help you make referrals.
    • Graphics for your website personalised with your code.

The calm dog games enrichment deck is a deck of cards full of training games and enrichment ideas for you to try with your dog. The deck is formatted into five different categories, these are: Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond

This means you can quickly find a new training activity to do with your dog every day in a category that suits your needs then and there!

We LOVE how easy this makes coming-up with something mentally stimulating to do with your dog each day, as mental enrichment is just as important (if not more so) than the physical exercise we give our dogs each day.

Our trainer Emily keeps her pack handy with her at her work desk each day, in case she is ever short of training ideas to do with her own dog, Suzi.”

Bone Canis

Ready to get started?


It’s important that we’re all on the same page and follow a modern, science-backed approach that supports how the dog feels.

We’re here to make dogs feel like winners, boost the relationship with their people and add positive experiences to their day.

Therefore, ambassadors will need to follow and promote positive reinforcement (with no aversive techniques or tools).


  • When you promote products, you must clearly disclose that you receive commission. See here for more info, though I will send you a quick guide for reference.
  • Commission will be paid out quarterly to your account, unless otherwise requested.
  • The contents of the deck is under copyright and can only be shared in its current physical form (not for online content creation purposes).
  • If you are sharing individual cards as homework, you must reference the Calm Dog Games deck and provide access to the booklet for any safety notes and additional info. (A digital version of the booklet will be available for this.)
  • You must not resell individual cards. The deck can be purchased wholesale if you wish to include in in New Client Packs or sell it direct to customers.
  • Discount, commission and terms are subject to change. You will be given 30 days notice.
  • Ambassadors are not employees of the company “Calm Dog Games”. They must conduct themselves independently and take responsibility for adhering to any relevant laws, practices and policies.
  • Ambassador accounts may be closed if terms are not adhered to (any pending payments will be honoured).