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Enrichment Deck - Brain Games for Dogs

Enrichment Deck - Brain Games for Dogs

The ultimate bonding experience for you and your dog - grow calmness, confidence and your connection!

➟ Simplify mental stimulation

➟ Create a calming routine

➟ Enrich your dog's day

Are you stuck in an enrichment rut or trying to figure out how to provide your dog with enough mental stimulation? I’ve got you covered!

💡 A convenient and easy way to deliver regular mental stimulation and fulfil your dog's enrichment needs.

✨ Simply pick a card and follow the step-by-step instructions to play, bond and learn more about your dog!

🐕 With 52 enrichment activities and brain games for dogs across five key categories, just shuffle the cards to keep playtime fresh, fun and engaging. Or, select from a category to work on a specific area, such as calmness.

😌 The quick, easy and stress-free format means you can give your dog a mental workout - without taxing your brain! Perfect for busy dog owners looking for a simple yet effective way to enrich their dog's day.

🌟 Approved by RSPCA behaviourists and recommended by numerous welfare organisations and dog trainers.

It’s our hugely popular solution and go-to resource for dog owners looking to enhance their dog's mental stimulation, provide daily enrichment and create a deeper bond.

Enjoy a more relaxed life with your dog, all within a few minutes a day. 

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  • As supported by the RSPCA
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  • What's inside the box?

    You get a deck of 52 Activity Cards.


    The front of each card is decorative and features different illustrated dogs.


    The reverse of each card provides instructions for the games and activities. 


    There are 5 colour-coded Key Categories: Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond


    Plus, a Guide Booklet for additional tips and progressive activity levels.


  • What type of activities does this include?

    Scent games – become part of your dog’s #1 activity!

    Enrichment activities – includes easy DIY puzzle feeding activities & provides an appropriate outlet for expressing natural, stress-relieving behaviours.

    Brain games – boosts your dog’s confidence and motivation levels.

     Bonding exercises – strengthens your relationship through working together.

    Stealth training – reinforces positive behaviours such as toy sharing, recall, proximity and responsiveness while your dog just thinks you’re the most fun person ever.

    Our approach is always positive reinforcement!


  • How do I integrate this into my life?

    Ideal for:

    • Daily mental stimulation & enrichment. 
    • Adverse weather conditions (heatwaves, storms etc).
    • Restricted exercise & recovery from injury.
    • Becoming more interesting to your dog (especially in stimulating environments).
    • Helping your dog to settle in new situations.
    • Occupying or redirecting energy into a productive outlet.
    • Creating a decompression routine with calming activities.
    • Developing a relationship with a new dog.
    • Getting the whole family involved with your dog (always supervise children).
    • For people or dogs with limited mobility.
    • Engaging puppies without overexercising them.
    • Fosterers, rescue centre workers and other dog-professionals; boarders, groomers, walkers etc.
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Why enrichment?

Enrichment is what your dog actually wants to do. Enrichment activities give your dog an outlet for expressing natural behaviours. 

In other words, simply ‘be more dog’!

This is crucial for their overall wellbeing. 

Enrichment is a foundation for animal welfare and can help resolve a number of ‘undesirable’ behaviours which often stem from boredom and frustration. 

So instead of trying to ‘fix’ chewing, digging, excess energy etc, we can do simple activities with our dog to provide safe and appropriate opportunities to fulfil these behavioural needs. 

The main purpose of the deck is to be a resource to learn more about our dogs and help us give them what they need. 

When a dog has plenty of enrichment in their life, they are calmermore balanced and fulfilled and less ‘desperate’ to find their kicks elsewhere!

The benefits of brain games for dogs

Brain games create opportunities for your dog to problem-solve & make their own decisions.

These positive experiences support your dog's emotional wellbeing.

The Games & Enrichment Deck is focused on 3 core pillars:

  • #1 Calmness

    Providing mental stimulation & cognitive problem-solving helps to balance out excess physical energy and satisfy even the most active minds.


    By consistently fulfilling our dog's needs, we instil a sense of calmness and contentment. 


    Excitable breeds (such as spaniels) and those with a high prey drive (still looking at you spaniels) may benefit from reducing arousal levels - the 'Calm' category is particularly useful for switching the cycle of choas to a cycle of calm!


    You can implement the 'Calm' category cards as a decompression routine, such as post-walk, or to help create calm time in stimulating environments.

  • #2 Confidence

    Confidence is huge for behaviour.


    Dogs find games engaging; they love to play and are individuals in their own right. Therefore, they learn best through fun, positive experiences.


    Playing, solving puzzles, having fun and 'winning' can be hugely rewarding and beneficial to a dog’s self-esteem.


    Why not channel your dog's energy into activities they can thrive on, such as scent games!


    Activities in the 'Puzzle', 'Play' & 'Focus' categories can be helpful for boosting your dog's confidence.

  • #3 Connection

    While enrichment can mean self-occupying activities, we can't forget that what our dog's crave is our attention.


    Games give you fun ways to interact with your dog and are the perfect way spend quality time together.


    Playing games will also help you to learn about what motivates your individual dog so that you can get on the same page.


    Activities in the 'Bond' category help to build trust and physical handling, while games in the 'Play' category make you a source of fun and can enhance your relationship, improving your training results.

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As supported by the RSPCA and used by multiple dog welfare organisations.

The deck is used by numerous dog welfare organisations to provide varied enrichment to dogs within their care and support owners with their new dog.

The games help you learn what your dog finds engaging and encourages you to work with them in a way they find rewarding. 

Common behavioural concerns such as lack of calmness, destruction and inappropriate greetings can often be resolved through fulfilling a dog’s enrichment needs.

What started as a passion project with my own spaniel has now given me a greater mission – to help owners understand dogs better so less end up being brought in for rehoming. 

Always seek the help of a behaviourist when needed.

Customer Reviews

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Etsy Review

This is my sixth time buying this deck. I always end up, lending them out to clients and friends, who end up keeping them. These cards make it super easy to come up with enrichment ideas for any dog, and I have used them for other species as well. I love using the categories to align with the type of day my dog is having. The instructions are easy to follow, and the art of the cards is absolutely beautiful. I cannot recommend this enough to any dog owner, looking for a way of easily including enrichment into their daily routine.

Etsy Review

Nice quality cards. Great idea to engage with your dog.

Etsy Review

Perfect for when you’re tired of scouring the internet for ideas. Also great at getting the whole family on the same page with training!

Janet K.
Well worth the purchase

Lots of useful games to enhance both dog and human bond. Lots of games to choose from. Well worth the purchase.


Etsy Rating