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    Promoted by the RSPCA, the leading welfare organisation in the UK, recommended by rescue charities and used by accredited dog trainers and behaviourists.

  • Highly Giftable

    • An ideal gift for any dog lover!
    • Housed in an eye-catching box.
    • Compact size doesn’t take up much space.
    • Easy to gift-wrap or use within a gift box.
    • An original and unique product within the dog industry.
  • Low MOQ & Quick Delivery

    • Low MOQ
    • Both small & large orders welcome.
    • Typically dispatched within 1-2 working days with tracked next-day courier.
    • Worldwide orders also catered for.
    • Always eco packaging!

Be part of the solution

The ultimate bonding experience for people and their dogs!

I'm passionate about helping owners spend quality time with their dogs and sharing ways to add fun, interest and enrichment to that dog's life. I imagine you are too.

I would love to work together to help raise the profile of mental stimulation and enrichment for dogs.

"UK wide research identified behaviour problems as the most common reason for dogs to be given up for rehoming." - The Dog's Trust

Key problems are often destructiveness, 'disobedience', hyperactivity and separation anxiety.

While the deck is not a replacement for a good behaviourist or trainer when needed (though we do work hand in hand), many unwanted behaviours can be rectified by developing calmness, using positive reinforcement and delivering mental stimulation and enrichment.

The deck makes it easy and accessible for anyone.

Bulk Puzzle Plaits - Calm Dog Games

Puzzle Plaits

You can also receive a bulk saving on the Puzzle Plaits and choose your own custom colour!

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