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Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy - "The Odin"

Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy - "The Odin"

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Treat dispensing enrichment dog puzzle with a minimalist, modular design.

Food dispensing dog toys are a great way to add mental stimulation to mealtimes

Animals, naturally, spend much of their time obtaining food. So this is a way we can provide at home enrichment. 

This toy works by requiring your dog to figure out how to dispense food from the toy, which can be a great way to keep them engaged and entertained in a fun, long-lasting activity. 

I choose to stock this particular design since it’s more interactive than round ball versions. It takes skill to manoeuvre so it is more engaging. My spaniel absolutely loves his toy. As well as simply pushing it with his nose, the angular design means it moves in a more unpredictable way. He can chase it, mouth it, pick it up and drop it and paw at it.

One of the other main benefits of food dispensing dog toys is that they can help slow down your dog’s eating habits. Many dogs eat their food too quickly, which can lead to bloating, vomiting and other health issues. Food dispensing toys can help slow down your dog’s eating by requiring them to work for their food, which can also improve their digestion.

Soft, rubber-like material keeps hardwood floors and fragile furniture from getting scratched, while staying durable to doggy jaws.

How to use: Place in treats or dry food from the top and bottom flaps, and then as your dog plays and interacts, the holes on the sides dispense the treats gradually.

You can attach 2 or more Odin toys together to add extra dimension and challenge.

Play tips: 

  • Start with small treats or dry food that fall out easily so your dog is quickly rewarded for playing.
  • Show them how it works by rolling it around and having treats fall out in front of them.
  • As they get better at it, upgrade to larger treats to increase difficulty.
  • Take it away if they start gnawing or ripping at the toy and show them again to just roll the toy.
  • Attach 2 or more toys together to change the way it rolls and bounces.

Raw feed? You can fill the toy with cold-pressed food for a more natural, fresher option than kibble. 

Feeding recommendations:

Novelty is a large component of enrichment. So I don’t use the same toy for every single meal. Remember to use the ideas in the enrichment deck to provide variety. All dogs are different and some nervous dogs may feel more comfortable with a predictable food routine and without challenge (in a bowl). So toys like this may be an optional extra with nice treats to encourage them to engage in play. 

Size: Approx. 9-10cm

Made of TPR (non-toxic, BPA free, pthalate free, latex free).


Rinse with soapy water or use the top rack of the dishwasher.


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Customer Reviews

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Etsy Review

Very good product for my pup and me

Etsy Review

Dog loves the Odin ball. I only wish I’d bought 2!