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Treat Dispensing Toys: Mental Stimulation at Mealtimes

As dog guardians, we all love to ensure our best friends lead happy and fulfilled lives. Beyond basic care, it is so important to provide our dogs with opportunities for play, mental stimulation and enrichment.

Treat dispensing toys, whether homemade or purchased, can be a great tool for helping us provide activities for our dogs.

In this article, we will delve into the world of treat dispensing toys and learn about the benefits, usage, and how to add them to your dog’s routine for optimal enrichment and mental stimulation.

What are treat dispensing toys?

Treat dispensing toys are specially designed toys that dispense small treats or dry food as your dog plays with them. These toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, each offering different levels of difficulty and challenges to keep your dog engaged. From treat balls to puzzle toys, the options are endless, and they are all designed to encourage your dog’s natural instincts, such as problem-solving, chewing, and hunting.

Why use puzzle feeders?

Food enrichment engages your dog’s brain, senses and natural instincts. This can be done through treat dispensing toys, food puzzles and other interactive feeding devices. There are so many benefits to this, including: 

  • Enrichment: It’s natural for animals to spend much of their time foraging and searching for food. When confined to the home for much of the day, food puzzles can help them to engage in these natural scavenger behaviours which can help your dog feel calmer and more fulfilled, thus reducing destructive behaviour.
  • Mental stimulation: Puzzle toys challenge your dog’s brain and keep them mentally stimulated, preventing boredom and promoting cognitive function. Ideal for working breeds who need extra outlets. 
  • Play: Life in the home can be sedentary. Toys help you add movement and play to your dog’s day.
  • Reduced anxiety: Treat dispensing toys provide a positive outlet for pent-up energy, boost confidence through easy wins and can help reduce anxiety in dogs.
  • Slow feeding: Slowing down the delivery of food can help to prevent bloat and be gentler on the digestive system.
  • Bonding & confidence boosting: For many dogs, food dispensing toys will provide a fun, solo activity. However, the toys can get wedged under the sofa etc and they may need a little help. You can be there to help your dog out or offer encouragement when it’s possible for them to retrieve the toy themselves. We have a spiral staircase and Cam’s toy would often end up under the lower steps. At first, he felt like you couldn’t retrieve it, but with encouragement, he’s been able to problem solve by navigating his body around the water bowl, ducking down and reaching in with his paws. What may seem obvious to us can be a great opportunity to encourage your dog to work out the puzzle and build up their confidence.

Adding treat dispensing toys to your dog’s routine

Incorporating treat dispensing toys into your dog’s routine is easy and can have a positive impact on their overall well-being. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Introduce the toy gradually: Start by introducing your dog to the treat dispensing toy in a calm and relaxed environment. Let them explore the toy and figure out how it works on their own. Offer verbal encouragement and you can always show them how to sue the toy if necessary. 
  • Make it a part of playtime: Treat dispensing toys can be incorporated into your dog’s daily playtime routine. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day for your dog to play with the toy and dispense treats.
  • Mix it up: As mentioned earlier, mix up the treat dispensing toys you use; there are simple DIY ideas in the enrichment deck and try different types available, such as puzzle plaits, snuffle toys and rope toys. This helps to keep things novel and engaging.
  • Supervise playtime: Always supervise your dog when they are playing with treat dispensing toys, especially if they are a heavy chewer. This will help prevent any accidental ingestions or choking hazards.
  • Clean the toy regularly: Regularly clean the treat dispensing toy to prevent the buildup of bacteria and ensure it remains hygienic for your pet. Each toy will have individual cleaning guidance.

Treat dispensing toys for dogs provide a wonderful opportunity for mental stimulation, play and bonding between you and your dog. Incorporating these toys into your dog’s routine can have a positive impact on their overall well-being and provide a fun and enjoyable experience for you both. Happy playing!

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